Last Monday Cousin Mary needed an easy dessert recipe for a work gathering of about 25 people.  I pointed her to the Mini Cheesecake recipe.  Then, incase she didn’t want to make that, I went to check out Joy the Baker for more suggestions.  But, you see, Joy is much more than a baker and her most recent post was for Olive Oil Braised Chick Peas with Feta.  I copied the link and sent to Mary knowing it would be, to quote her “right up my alley”!  I never did send her alternative choices for a dessert.

I thought about making this every day last week.  I could not stop thinking about how good it was sure to be.  I had everything on hand but a good loaf of bread.  So, on Thursday, I made it a point to pick up bread and Friday night I finally made it.  I’m telling you, it was crazy good.  It makes a lot but it reheats well and would make a great side dish to chicken.

One note on the smoky paprika – I beg you to purchase HIGH QUALITY (read: Penzeys) paprika.  Please, do not use the “red cap” brand – it is NOT good.  I’m as frugal as they come but there truly are times when you get what you pay for and I don’t want you to waste your hard earned cash and ruin this amazing dish by sprinkling sub-par paprika all over it.  After I did that to a baked chicken and rice dish, my dear friend Karen gifted me Penzeys Smoked Spanish Paprika and is now a must have pantry staple.

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