I don’t remember how I came to know about 100 Days of Real Food.  Maybe Cousin Mary; maybe a link from another blog.  That’s not important, but this recipe is: The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot.  I have not purchased one box of chicken broth/stock since I started making this recipe.

All you need is 1) a crock pot, 2) an onion, 3) a whole chicken, and 4) spices.  I love Lisa’s spice mix and try to always have some made in advance.  If not, I just sprinkle with poultry seasoning.  Cook 4-5 hours and you have a whole chicken that tastes better than the grocery store rotisserie (and yields much more meat).

Then the best part: Overnight Chicken Stock in the Crock Pot.  Remove your perfectly cooked chicken from the crock.  Leave the crock on LOW.  Remove all the skin and edible meat from the chicken.  Return all the bones to the crock.  Fill with water.  IF you have a carrot, throw it in.  Celery, go for it.  Nothing to throw in – that’s okay – it’ll still taste amazing!  Leave the crock on overnight.  The next morning you’ll wake up craving chicken noodle soup!  Strain and refrigerate.  I put it in the refrigerator to make the fat easier to remove.  Then I portion into 2 cup freezer bags and freeze until needed.

Sunday I made the chicken.  Monday morning I strained and refrigerated the stock.  Tuesday I decided instead of freezing, I’d make chicken noodle soup for dinner.  I removed the fat, brought the stock to a simmer, added diced carrots, celery, chicken and orzo.  My daughter ate two bowls and my, very picky, son ate an entire bowl!