I just asked my Kindergartener what to name the smoothie recipe she created and “Mr. Smooth” was her answer. She names a lot of things that way. She has stuffed animals with the following names; Lambie, Pink Unicorn, Baby Monkey, Momma Turtle, Whale Shark, Marine Dog, Pink Hippopotamus…you get the idea. What surprised me was when she decided to name her newest animal, a stuffed cobra, Peanut Butter. I thought for sure it would be “Snaky” or “Mr. Snake”.

She is great at helping make smoothies. She always knows when to add an extra frozen banana or a bit more spinach. Last week she came up with her best smoothie yet. We remembered to write the recipe down so we could share it with everyone. Enjoy “Mr. Smooth”!

You need:
2 oranges *we used clementines
5 red strawberries *we used frozen
canned pineapple, to taste
2 carrots, no need to peel
1 frozen banana

Blend and enjoy!