My favorite cake is white cake. Last December I made a white cake following the King Arthur Flour recipe for Tender White Cake on the box of KAF unbleached cake flour blend.  I also used the recipes blog as a guide but my cake did not turn out well.  I made two mistakes; first, I over beat the cake batter which caused the cake to be very dense and second, I iced it with black as night chocolate frosting that completely overwhelmed the cake.  I was bummed.

In mid-March one of my favorite bloggers, Joe Pastry, asked for suggestions for future projects.  Reader Jennifer requested a “flawless white cake recipe” and I emphatically seconded the request.  Three days later, Joe provided the recipe and I made a truly flawless white cake.  To welcome the first day of Spring (after a wicked cold North East Winter) I filled the cake with the most amazing lemon curd and frosted with a delicate Chantilly Cream.  It was not only the best white cake I’ve ever made, it was the best cake I’ve ever made period.

Here is the link to Joe Pastry’s WHITE LAYER CAKE RECIPE and here is the link for the process with pictures MAKING WHITE CAKE LAYERS.  I only have two notes: let your butter get very soft and turn the mixer up slowly after adding the liquid (I had a big splash!). I also used Joe’s Chantilly Cream recipe.  At the top of Joe Pastry’s blog it reads “Baking Techniques, History + Science”.  If you have some time, spend it checking out his amazingly informative blog – if you’ve got a question, he has – or will get you – the answer!

The cake recipe calls for 5 egg whites.  I knew I wanted to make lemon curd and was fortunate to find a great recipe that called for 5 egg yolks.  I followed this recipe from the kitchen. Use high quality butter and the best lemons you can find.  The recipe recommends using a food processor but a blender will work just as good, if not better!

I made my cake and lemon curd two days in advance.  When I was ready to assemble I plated the first cake layer, piped frosting around the perimeter then filled with lemon curd.  I topped with the second cake layer, piped frosting around the perimeter and filled with lemon curd.  Then I covered the whole cake with the remaining frosting.  Topping and filling the cake with lemon curd made a huge impact to the lemony-ness of the cake.  It was, for me, perfect!