uvegottatrythis Kitchen Tip!

I saw an infomercial for a book full of tips for the kitchen. You know the one? With the portly guy dressed like a chef telling us he’s going to pass on all grandma’s kitchen secrets! Well, I didn’t watch much but thankfully I kept it on long enough to see this money saving tip: put a piece of plastic wrap on your ice cream to prevent freezer burn. We don’t buy a lot of ice cream and when we do it takes a while to finish. By the time we’d pull it out of the back of the freezer it would be badly freezer burnt. Well, not any more! We had a tub of ice cream from beginning of February and at the end of March it was good as new. Then again in April (when we finished it).

So, next time you have some left over ice cream, press a piece of plastic wrap down on it before putting the lid back on and enjoy a freezer burn free treat!